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Has your State Agency, Investor or Management Company told you that you need to be Housing Credit Certified?

Introducing the FIRST and ONLY 
Online Exam Room 
for Housing Credit Professionals Who Need to Become Certified in Compliance...

As busy professionals, we don't often have the time to dash off to another location to take an exam. As human beings, we usually don't like taking an exam, especially one this important, in a room with a bunch of strangers or by ourselves with only a  proctor we have never met staring at us. My goodness, TAKING an exam is bad enough BUT compounding it with having to drive or fly to another city and sit in an unfamiliar room with strangers to take an exam.... well that really turns up the heat! Sheesh... who needs that pressure?!?

What if I told you it didn't need to be like that? That, instead, you could take the Exam securely, yet comfortably, while seated at your own computer surrounded by an environment you are comfortable in? Betcha that would knock down the pressure considerably wouldn't it?

Hello, I am Elizabeth Moreland, President of the Housing Credit College and the Housing Credit Online Training Center and I am happy to provide the FIRST and ONLY Online Exam Room for Housing Credit professionals who have been told they need to become certified in compliance!! A place where you can take your certification exams without all the pressure that comes with taking most certification exams. At the Online Exam Room, you can take your certification exam right from your own computer with high-speed Internet access ending the need for...


Traveling to another location;


Rushing to get to the exam on time;


Worrying about sitting with other people who you are sure they know more than you;


Sitting in unfamiliar and probably uncomfortable surroundings with hard chairs and little room to spread out;


Putting up with the habits of other people in the room whose test-taking habits are quite distracting; and 


Developing an ulcer as you wait weeks to get your results!

At the Online Exam Room your experience is different... TOTALLY DIFFERENT

Why? Because...


You take the exam in a relaxed, comfortable environment... YOUR OWN!


You START THE EXAM AT YOUR CONVENIENCE so if you are running late or behind schedule, you don't have to worry about being late or missing the opportunity to take it!!


You don't have to take the exam with other people as it is AVAILABLE TO YOU 24 HOURS A DAY... 7 DAYS A WEEK!!!



"I liked taking the online exam because 
I didn't feel any pressure and I could do it in the 
comfort of my own office without any distractions." 

Renee Champagne, Leasing Manager, 
Fairfield Residential, Providence, RI 

"I would encourage anyone to take the exam 
online! I did and found it was very user-friendly and much more relaxing!"
Dawn Rezendes, Assistant Property Manager, 
University Heights Apartment Homes, Providence, RI

Current Exam Offerings...

  • Site Compliance Exam: The Site Compliance Exam is the industry's first certification exam focusing solely on SITE specific compliance responsibilities! By taking and passing this Exam, you will demonstrate to the industry that you have mastered the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program's site compliance requirements and will earn your Site Compliance Specialist or SCS designation!! No membership applications or annual dues... just pure recognition of your knowledge and expertise with the site compliance rules!! Cost: $199

  • National Compliance Exam: The National Compliance Exam is the industry's leading Tax Credit certification exam. By taking and passing this Exam, you are demonstrating to the Housing Credit industry you have mastered the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program OVERALL requirements and have a comprehensive knowledge of how the Program works and how compliance must be maintained!! By passing this Exam you will meet the Education Requirement for the National Compliance Professional or NCP designation with only a 6 month Experience Requirement yet to be met to become a full-fledge National Compliance Professional. Once you meet both the Education and Experience Requirement the only thing that stands between you and the most comprehensive and elite Tax Credit designation and membership into the elite NCP Membership Group is a simple 1 page Membership Application!! Cost: $199

So what are you waiting for?

Get certified NOW... 
securely, conveniently and
with out all the stress that comes with the normal exam-taking process!

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